Black Widow Poster

Digital Illustration

Trends International Exclusive Print

Trends International tapped me to be one of the first artists featured in their Exclusive Prints program. Trends has a long history of creating products for some of the best known licenses in the world; from Warner Brothers to Netflix, to NFL and of course, Marvel Entertainment. My design would be among the first available in their Exclusive Prints program. The creative direction was not to reflect the forthcoming Black Widow film, and definitely no portraits of Scarlett. Something original. And have fun.


So much of what I know comes from Marvel comics, they’ve probably taught me more than my formal training. I was very excited to hear the team wanted to capture the spirit of comics. If you know the story, the imagery is pretty straightforward: Natasha Alianovna Romanova trained in Russia and now serves the United States as an Avenger. She is an elite spy as well as one of the most highly skilled and agile fighters in the Marvel universe; with no super powers. There is no shaking Natalia.

I saw the background as an allegory for Black Widow fighting her way across the world. I used the hourglass shape as a split frame for close-ups of of her more iconic features: striking red hair (a bob seemed battle-appropriate) and those Widow Gauntlets. The style is a nod to the look and feel of comics in the pre-digital era.



“It was great to develop the Marvel Black Widow poster with Dan. Not only was I pleased with the success of the finished piece, but I was impressed with his process of development. Dan is great at brainstorming and conceptualizing. He welcomed questions and feedback. From rough sketches to fully rendered art, Dan was able to present and explain his ideas very well.”

"Dan is great at brainstorming and conceptualizing. He welcomed questions and feedback."
-Amber Haltom