Exterior Mural

Approximately 8 ft x 12 ft
Spray Paint & Latex

The Jiffy Lube Mural Project began in 2017. Featuring Indiana-based artists, the program has produced some of the most unique and memorable public art in Indianapolis. I was impressed with the project as a whole, so I applied in the third year.

Although the client was ultimately Jiffy Lube, the process ran as a public art program rather than a commission. I submitted examples and filled out the forms online. Once I was selected, I chose  my location on Shadeland Avenue and proceeded to design the piece as I would any other. Although approval was swift and easy, COVID-19 put everything on hold. Over a year and a half after I originally designed Eye2Eye, I was finally able to see it through.


The design on this one was completely open-ended, which gave me a chance to play with one of my favorite motifs: robots. I like using robots to convey emotion without singling out any person or group; they’re a little more neutral and they speak to the more playful nature in all of us. The robot and the cat are seemingly so different they couldn’t have anything in common. In this chance encounter, however, they recognize something familiar in each other: green eyes.


Creative Freedom

digital sketch

water-based spray paint

Exterior Latex


More Than Meets The Eye

I’m extremely proud of this painting, but it means more to me than that. I’m from the east side of Indianapolis and I live there today. The location I chose is next to the former Eastgate Mall, my local shopping center as a kid. Later, at the very beginning of my career as a muralist, I spent months working on my first major commission in a makeshift studio at the old Kittle’s furniture store. I’ve painted in the hippest neighborhoods for the largest brands, but this was a rare opportunity to create something for my own community.

“Dan has been professional, a great communicator, and easy to work with. We'd welcome the chance to team up again! ”
-Steve Sanner