The Dude

Interior Mural

Approximately 8 ft x 12 ft
Water-based Spray Paint & Latex

The Thompsons contacted Invisible Hometown in late 2019 looking for a graffiti mural to set the appropriate vibes in their chill basement. This piece means a lot to Kelly Thompson. Not only is The Big Lebowski her favorite film, but more importantly, Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” is her all-time favorite movie character.  She even has the Pendleton Cardigan to prove it.



I knew which scene I would be working from, and I knew the client was a true fan of the big Lebowski. This meant that accuracy was critical; even more so in a room where the work will be seen very closely. Whenever painting interior murals, especially in someone’s home, I rely almost exclusively on water-based spray paint and interior latex. I knew I was going to be there for several days, so I wanted everyone to be comfortable and safe while I took my time to get it right.


“We had never had any type of artwork done like this in our home before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  The detail Dan put into everything was incredible.  The prep work alone, just to make sure your home is safe from spray was outstanding.

I had high expectations, because it was a piece I would walk by every day.  Our friends and neighbors would see this art and I wanted The Dude to be instantly recognizable, so true fans would recognize the shot without question.  I almost felt bad because of the pressure I put on Dan, but the delivery was everything and more.

I get lost in the art at times, just simply staring.  I couldn’t recommend Dan Thompson enough.  He is passionate about his work and takes extra time to include you in the creative process. The work was so tremendous that we have since commissioned numerous other pieces.  – Kelly Thompson”

Looking back, I’m very happy with this piece.  The Dude is without a doubt a beloved cult favorite icon and I sincerely hope Mr. Bridges himself would be proud of the finished work.

"I get lost in the art at times, just simply staring. I couldn’t recommend Dan enough. "
-Kelly Thompson