The Whit

Interior Mural

100’ x 10’
Water-based Spray Paint & Latex

TWG reached out during the construction of their downtown Indianapolis property The Whit, an apartment building which would accommodate the city’s growing population of young professionals. Once the home of the Indianapolis Star newspaper, the block was a prime location with a wall right on the street; a great opportunity to draw attention to The Whit.

We first met for a tour of the site. Although most of the building still had no walls, this was a great opportunity to see how the mural might be viewed by passersby, while we talked about the company and their vision along the way. They wanted a design that was contemporary but would appeal to a broad audience. The mural needed to be striking from a distance as well as interesting when viewed up close. Colorful, but sophisticated.


We all agreed that something abstract would speak to their audience. We needed to design not only a dynamic painting, but a work of art that would be right at home in the urban landscape. The first place I looked for inspiration was urban planning itself. I imagined a city from above, filled with competing geometry; an ever-evolving collection of spaces within spaces. The final painting would be composed of rigid shapes painted with an  organic feel.


Working with Dan on the large scale murals he did for The Whit was a fun, collaborative process. He took our ideas and transformed them into murals that made sense for the project (and our budget)! We ended up with beautiful art that perfectly fits the space.”

This project was smooth from start to finish. TWG knew what they wanted and were very easy to work with. As for the wall itself, I couldn’t ask for a better place to display my work. It was in an interior space just a few feet behind a wall of windows, essentially the equivalent to a framed painting behind glass. This meant the space was climate controlled, right on the street and lit up at night. You can’t beat that set up! This is easily one of my favorite projects and best locations to date.


“Working with Dan on the large scale murals he did for The Whit was a fun, collaborative process.”
-Anna Barabas