There are times when More Is more

It is nearly impossible to match the impact of a large scale public mural. Even an interior mural can be a bold statement that helps define the experience of a place. Murals provide a unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression on many people you would never encounter otherwise.

Murals require extensive planning and physical labor. Attention must be paid to the audience, subject matter and placement of the work. It’s one thing to be able to paint, but working large is discipline onto itself. It requires unique tools and knowhow. After over twenty years, the small things don’t shake me like they used to.



Airless Spray

Brushes / Rollers

Spray Paint

Like a painting... but bigger

A mural is a large painting. The scale gets all the attention, but much of the work comes down to problem-solving. Everything from the location to the audience can influence the outcome. Not only do the tools change, but a new opportunity emerges to create a work inspired by, but ultimately defining, the experience of a place. A large painting, but much more than that.


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